SkyAlerts is a cloud based security and monitoring service. Our service can monitor expiring SSL certificates as well as your AWS account resources. We can then notify you with any security related changes as well as daily security related validations.

Easy to setup and configure. No agents or instances are required.

Our Mission

We know it is not easy, and want to help you monitor and secure your cloud environment. We are accepting new beta customers, and looking for feedback. Please contact us below for a Free trial.

Proactively monitor the expiration and validity of your SSL certificates here.



Hourly Monitoring of:

Security Groups, IAM Users, and IAM User Groups/Policies

Daily Monitoring of:

SSL Cert expirations, IAM User Access Key Age/Activity, MFA activation and Public S3 Buckets

Alerts can be sent via E-Mail and Slack.

About our company

Based out of Raleigh NC, our company has over 8 years of cloud security experience. We enjoy working with our clients on finding new ways to improve the product and their experience.


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